Aqua Illusions

Walkn On Water



Create unique art with water, paint and paper!

Have you ever painted on TOP of water?
Give it a try with this art set!

Paint your designs, images, and abstracts,
whatever you want.

The paint magically floats on the water's surface,
then transfers to paper in seconds! Includes everything
you need to create your very own masterpiece.
Use again and again for endless designs.

Aqua Illusions
  • Paint on water like magic, then transfer to paper
  • Encourages art and design skills, hand-eye coordination,
  • creative expression
  • Your artwork will float magically on top of the water!
  • Transfers from water to paper in seconds
  • Mix your colors in the palette and paint your design
  • Dot and streak and paint like it's oil on water
  • Includes: 12 small packs of magic powder,
  • plastic tray and lid, 6 colors of paint, paint brush,
  • wand, tweezers, 16 sheets of paper, 36 x 36 inch
  • transparent mat, color mixing palette
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